How do I use SumsItUp?

Share a link or text directly to our app using Apple’s share function (or simply paste it) then choose your summary’s Language, Format and Length. Fancy a unique touch? Pick a Summary Style or create a Custom Style. Next hit SumsItUp! and your summary will be ready in about 10 seconds. Listen to it, Share it, or go < Back and play around with the format and style without re-entering the text.

How much does SumsItUp cost?

It’s free! We show ads while your summary is being created to cover our costs. We hope to continue offering this service for free, thanks to the support from our advertisers. By engaging with ads that interest you, you help support our app and ensure we can keep it free for everyone. Thank you for understanding.

What languages does SumsItUp support?

Our App can understand text or links in 90+ languages, and provide summaries in your choice of English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, or Portuguese. If you use our Text To Speech to listen to your summary, it’ll even have the right accent!

What are ‘Styles’ and how do I use them?

Styles in SumsItUp add a unique touch to your summaries. You can pick from our preloaded styles or create your own custom style. Here are some of our preloaded examples:
· ‘a tech blog for non-experts’ to simplify technical details.
· ‘highlighting risks to my privacy’ to focus on privacy concerns.
· ‘a parent to a 13 year old’ for a friendly, easy-to-understand tone.
· ‘using hashtags and emojis’ for a fun, social media-friendly vibe.
You can mix and match these styles with different Formats like ‘Bullet Points’, ‘Speech’, or ‘Social Media Post’ to get the perfect summary you desire. Just select or type your style, choose your format, and hit SumsItUp!

Can I add my own custom styles?

Absolutely! To add a personal touch, select ‘Custom Style’ and enter your unique style. Even better, navigate over to ‘Settings’ and add your own Style modifiers to the list and save yourself the typing next time. Also, feel free to also remove any preloaded modifiers on that page to tailor the list to your liking. Your style, your summaries!

How can I add SumsItUp to my iOS Share Shortcuts?

Go to any app from which you want to share content, and tap the share icon (a square with an arrow pointing upwards). Scroll to the right on the top row of icons and tap ‘More’. On the top-right click ‘Edit’ then find SumsItUp in the list of Apps and toggle the switch to the ON position then click ‘Done’. Now, whenever you tap the share button, SumsItUp will be one of the options you can share to.

Is it safe to submit URLs to SumsItUp?

We value your privacy. Our app has a script that processes URLs to remove any tracking tags or personal information from the URL itself before it gets summarized. Additionally, we only work with publicly accessible content. Despite our efforts, we strongly advise against submitting URLs with personal or sensitive information. Let’s keep things safe and sound! For more, peek at our Privacy Policy.

Can SumsItUp summarize links that aren’t publicly accessible?

Sorry, but we can’t summarize links that aren’t publicly accessible. Our AI needs full access to the text to create a summary. If a link has paywalled or restricted content, we respect those barriers, aligning with Apple’s emphasis on intellectual property rights. For more, please review our Terms.

How do I know SumsItUp is really checking the link I gave?

We’re in Beta, so it’s a good idea to double-check the summary matches the link. Have fun testing it out—try creating a Custom Style like ‘featuring quotes from the original link’ to see if the summary pulls in the right info. Find something off? Tell us! And if you come up with cool Custom Styles, share them! Your feedback makes SumsItUp better for everyone.