SumsItUp! Free AI-powered summaries & translations of web links text, and concepts in your chosen format, style & language. Your AI-driven custom encyclopedia.

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Free AI Summaries - Custom summaries of links, text and even broad concepts! 
Multilingual, Various Formats, Custom Styles, Listen to Summaries 
Custom Encyclopedia

Language ChoiceS

Pick a Language for your Summary – the AI can translate sources from over 90 different languages.

various formats

Select the Format you would like your Summary to appear in ranging from paragraph to lists to poem.

Custom Modifiers

Choose from our list of Styles for your Summary our create your own bespoke modifier.

The process

We’ve put in the work to make it easy for you. Just Share to SumsItUp from your favorite App (Safari, Chrome, News, etc.), select your options and SumsItUp! Once you receive your Summary, you can choose to have our AI read it to you and to share the Summary via using any number of Apps – Messages, WhatsApp, FaceBook, LinkedIn and more…

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Use Cases

With countless ways to use it, SumsItUp’s versatility is best summed up by our potential users:

Allana May


I want my younger students to be engaged with current events – but in a manner that’s appropriate for their age. SumsItUp allows me to choose the News sources and summarize them for various age groups / grades.

Simon Coen


I often have to go through large financial reports and love using my own Modifiers such as “focusing on Gross Margin” or “comparing annual sales growth” – what a time saver!

Asim Faruk

Privacy Advocate

By formatting the Summary as a List and choosing the modifier “Highlighting risks to my Privacy” users are finally able to decode Privacy Policies that are designed to confuse.

Anna Ferguson

Social media influencer

I’m constantly posting links on my social channels and desperately needed a quick way to generate short, clever posts to go along with those links – SumsItUp for the Win!

Mark Allen

Digital designer

I love using SumsItUp to break down technical articles and how-to’s into clear, concise, easy to read bullet points without all the tech jargon.

Maria Cummings


I love reading but when I’m low on time or on the run I love using being able to catch up with Summaries – especially when I can have them Read to Me.

Tips & Tricks

With so many different ways to use SumsItUp, we invite you to watch some of the quick, helpful videos below.

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